Pebble animals

We went to one of our favourite pebble beaches to walk the dog and collect pebbles to decorate for Christmas presents. The children each drew a picture of their idea before we set out and then collected the pebbles to match. There are the usual ladybirds and bees but also name plates with a pebble for each letter.

They then painted them with acrylic paint and I stuck those that needed glueing with araldite and varnished them to give a sheen and protective coat. The mouse tail is leather and I attached one by splitting it and glueing on either side of the stone and the other I drilled into the stone and glued in the end.

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One Response to Pebble animals

  1. sewtheday says:

    These are so cute! We have some wonderful stone beaches My little one is always coming home with pockets full of rocks! What a fun way to use them!

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