Natural Beauty

The beauty of nature exposed. All it is a pine cone sliced up with bees wax rubbed in to bring out the pattern. The children have collected them over the last few months. Having been shown the first one they all wanted one of their own. They think the inside looks like a spider.

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Fossil Hunting

A day at Lyme Regis beach hunting for fossils proved quite fruitful. The boy found the first one and then we just kept going along the same seam finding ammonite after ammonite. Truly wonderful with all the right ingredients of outdoors, a bit of bashing with hammers and treasure hunting in one outing.

The children insisted on bringing them all home so thankfully the idea of taking them into ‘show and tell’ and giving one to each of the boy’s class mates went down well.

We recognise the ammonites but aren’t sure what these ones are. They are quite soft and calcium rich – the children thought they were eggs (well it was Easter) but any keen geologists/paleontologists out there who can identify them from the photo?

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Toy Boat

One of the girl’s birthday presents cut out of some scrap and put together by her. We should have taken a picture of the parts but couldn’t wait to get going. She had trouble hitting in the nails but plenty of glue should mean it stays in one piece. The sail is cut from the corner of one of my old shirts; the seam making a perfect sleave for the mast.

The launch was done at low tide so its a bit muddy but thankfully it floated and stayed upright.


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Pebble animals

We went to one of our favourite pebble beaches to walk the dog and collect pebbles to decorate for Christmas presents. The children each drew a picture of their idea before we set out and then collected the pebbles to match. There are the usual ladybirds and bees but also name plates with a pebble for each letter.

They then painted them with acrylic paint and I stuck those that needed glueing with araldite and varnished them to give a sheen and protective coat. The mouse tail is leather and I attached one by splitting it and glueing on either side of the stone and the other I drilled into the stone and glued in the end.

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Messing around on the river

After a morning indoors whilst the frost cleared, the afternoon turned bright and calm and proved ideal rowing conditions. It took a few minutes for my hands to warm up but once I got going I was toasty warm in the sunshine. I had a quick row up and down the river with the dog sniffing the air from the bow or stern depending on what caught her fancy. The wind and rain we had last week has capsized a boat which was a bit sad to see, especially as it was next to mooring we used over the summer but today it was like a mill pond and the trees still look quite autumnul.

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Dark satanic mills – wood and copper candelabra

This is cut from a piece of oak that I salvaged from the river bank for firewood. It was only when I was cutting through it that I realised what a beautiful piece of wood it was. The copper is from an old piece of 6mm pipe I had in the scrap box which has polished up nicely. The art work is a bit crude!

I’m not sure it will prove to be a very practical candelabra but it might fit a birthday cake candle in it. Maybe I should save it for my wife’s birthday rather than Christmas.

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Wooden ipad stand

One ipad stand for my brother-in-law and one for me. I’d seen ipad stands on etsy and the like (some for silly money) and as I was filling up the log basket I found a nice smooth piece of ash. Cutting it in half, sanding it and giving it a rub with beeswax can’t have taken more than half an hour for both. The angle of cut is 17′ – credit to instructables for this and the original inspiration.

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Mince Pies

We didn’t make our own pastry for this but we did use the homemade mincemeat from Nana for the filling. They taste delicious and you can pick out the individual flavours of the orange and lemon peel

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TP Roll Monster

We’ve made owls, dogs and now a monster from toilet rolls. Easy to do, just fold down the top to make ears and then colour.

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Paper snowflakes

We had a lot of fun cutting out these snowflakes and then hanging them from our noses. They found cutting the folded paper a bit tricky but got the hang of the idea quickly. Great fun and easy to do. They now hang from the window rather than our noses, the first christmas decorations of this year.

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