Mince Pies

We didn’t make our own pastry for this but we did use the homemade mincemeat from Nana for the filling. They taste delicious and you can pick out the individual¬†flavours of the orange and lemon peel


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TP Roll Monster

We’ve made owls, dogs and now a monster from toilet rolls. Easy to do, just fold down the top to make ears and then colour.

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Paper snowflakes

We had a lot of fun cutting out these snowflakes and then hanging them from our noses. They found cutting the folded paper a bit tricky but got the hang of the idea quickly. Great fun and easy to do. They now hang from the window rather than our noses, the first christmas decorations of this year.

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I received a Rob Ives ‘Ewe Boat’ for Christmas some point in the distant past and it has been shoved in the back of the craft drawer for a while now. That’s until I saw his website and set to building it. Some intricate cutting out and glueing and the result is a very squeeky but cool boat.

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Paperclip figures

The boys had a book of Lego minifigures that contained pages of characters. They cut a few out to play with and once I showed them how to stick them onto a bent paperclip they went to town. I think they enjoyed the cutting out and making more than any playing with them later but they did go on to take the photos below. All credit to them on this one.



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Flower press

The boys and I have made their sister a flower press for christmas from a few bits of plywood and some bolts hanging around that I salvaged from a cot. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to turn the screws tightly enough but hopefully she’ll like it.

The boys help with the ‘research’, looking up designs on the web, measuring out the ply, sanding down the rough edges and finally getting to wield my trusty drill. After that their enthusiasm waned so I impatiently finished it off with a painted mdf flower and a coat of varnish. I’m hoping that they’ll choose and press a couple of flowers to make into a christmas card for her to go with the press.


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Digging beets and planting garlic

We spent the morning in the garden lifting the remaining beetroots before the tops start to rot and then planting garlic.

The beetroots are delicious and sweet so I’m hoping that just leaving them in the cool sitting on newspaper keeps them so we have at least got some for over the winter. ‘Veg patch roast’ is one of son#2’s favourite dinner and I’m sure it comes from being able to pull up the beet himself.

Last year the children’s nana gave us some garlic to plant. It grew well and with the last of about 12 bulbs that grew and dried successfully, we split up the cloves and planted these to grow over winter and spring.

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